About the blogger

Where to start? I am a 55-year-old woman with a passion for a lot of things…chief among them freedom and personal accountability. I’ve lived a life that is more interesting than some, and far duller than others.

I’ve lived in a 200-year-old farm house (with which I had an ongoing love/hate relationship) and I’ve planted, suckered, harvested and stripped tobacco (always an interesting way to spend your anniversary!) I’ve raised chickens — and eaten them…yum; they taste nothing like what comes out of your local grocery store. I’m old enough to remember milk being delivered to my grandmother’s front porch and young enough to still look forward to Christmas!

I love to shoot, mostly targets these days, but I have hunted deer, rabbit, duck, pheasant and squirrel, and I could probably still field dress most of them, though only if I failed to pawn it off on someone else! I love to cook — and wild game is among my preferred menu items.

I’ve worked in both print and electronic media, and have been blessed to have four books commercially published. I’ve appeared on national television, organized national events and started my own newspaper, plus several other businesses. I’ve also started a couple non-profits and devoted a lot of time and energy to managing and fundraising for charities and museums, supporting veterans’ causes, and learning to fly small airplanes. I’ve spent time working behind a gun counter – as the only female salesperson – and absolutely loved the experience! I’ve taught people – male and female, young and old, black and white, gay and straight – to shoot, and absolutely loved that experience, too! I’ve been a manager, a director, a VP and an owner, and I have learned that I am happiest just being a worker bee! I’ve never been rich and probably never will be, and I’ve definitely been poor – and it was nobody’s fault but my own!

I began life as a Methodist and, since then, have been Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist again, non-denominational and Jewish! I returned to Christianity about 7 years ago with a greater understanding of its purpose and power than I had ever known before. I like to think that my faith guides my daily actions with a conviction and positivity that I wish I’d acquired much earlier in life. Might have spared me some stupid mistakes and more than a little heartache. More important, it might have spared others.

I’ve been married more times than I should have — but fewer times than Liz Taylor. I don’t regret my previous marriages, only that I lacked the maturity and spiritual strength to be a better wife. My current (and final) hubby has gotten the best rendition of me yet — but even this model still needs plenty of work! Thankfully, between God, hubby, friends and family, I am learning to be a little better today than I was yesterday. Baby steps, but I’ll take ’em!!

I’m opinionated but deeply empathetic. My blog is here simply to inform, discuss, evoke and explore. If you don’t like my opinions or conclusions, no harm no foul. I’m not here to fight with you or call you names. I’m here to talk about guns, personal defense, personal responsibility, life experience, how to make something out of nothing in this old world, and how to hang tight to the best things in your life…because, no matter who you are, you’ve got a lot of them!

That’s it; that’s my “about.” Thanks for taking the time to slog through it. Wish I could give you your 10 minutes back but at least now you have a dubious resource, should you ever care to learn more about guns, bad flying, ancient farm houses, tobacco worms, non-profits, fundraising, or 55-year-old women with Attention Deficit Disorder.  L’Chaim!

About Tara’s Books:
The Handgun Guide for Women – Zenith Press, 2015 — Amazon
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Naked In DaNang – Zenith Press, 2004 — Amazon
The Wright Brothers: First In Flight – Sterling Publishing, 2005 – Amazon
Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for Mankind  – Sterling Publishing, 2006 – Amazon