The Blog Formerly Known as Thyme


The blog formerly known as “Thyme” is changing its name. I personally loved the concept of Thyme, which, in the herb family symbolizes strength, courage and conviction. Then again, for a blog that talks a lot about guns, maybe greenery just didn’t quite fit the bill.

So, after much thought and reflection (and my husband trying unsuccessfully to find any defensible relationship between herbs and weapons) I decided on a better name, one that symbolizes and unites the varied topics this blog may cover.

Safe Haven.

In my opinion, there is no haven more secure than one that is protected by skilled and safe shooters. There is evil in this world, sadly, and, if it comes knocking at my door, I want some way to level the playing field. Firearms do just that.

But this blog is about much more than just guns…it is about a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is personified by the Second Amendment and our many rights and responsibilities as Americans.

Those of us who value our constitutional freedoms have many things in common. We may be different races or different religions; we may live in different geographies or embrace different attitudes; but we share a passion for independence and personal accountability. We are more likely to believe in a higher power. We are more likely to find big government annoying and distasteful. We are more likely to reach out a helping hand to those in need. We are more likely to be suspicious of elected officials, media types, and other self-appointed mouthpieces who tell us they want to do things “for your own good.” We cherish home and family and we still savor a multi-course meal around a sprawling table packed with family and friends; a meal that starts with a prayer and ends with a rollicking discussion, or debate, about the state of the nation and the world. We don’t agree on everything…sometimes, we don’t agree on anything — but, dammit, we’ll defend to the death that right to disagree.

So this blog is the first step in a project that will seek to unite those of us who hunt and shoot and value freedom above all else. “Lifestyle” has become a huge buzzword today…and every company in the country targets specific lifestyles for their common tastes, purchasing habits, or other demographic features. Well, to my mind, we folk who own guns, love liberty and still believe in hard work, a hand up, and a hearty meal are the ORIGINAL American lifestyle. Indeed, we are, and always have been, a true and lasting Safe Haven.

Stay tuned for articles, offers and ideas that fall under any or all of the Safe Haven sub categories: Faith, Firearms, Family, Food and Fun (and everything in between). We will be switching domains too, but, for now, you can still find us at

Thanks for reading and welcome aboard (again…)



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