The thyme of our lives

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Welcome to Thyme.

On the surface, it may appear to be a blog about cooking — and, in fact, it may be from time to time. Or perhaps the care and preservation of herbs? Yeah, maybe (if you ignore the trail of gasping, withering plants that have haunted me through the years). Indeed this blog could, at times, wander into a broad range of topics — and yet there is a purpose to it that, in my heart of hearts, overshadows the vanity of committing words to paper (or, in this case, symbols to screen.)

Truthfully, my original intent was to start a blog about women and firearms. I am a gun owner, an NRA certified trainer in basic pistol, rifle, shotgun, home defense and a certified range officer. I am also the author of the popular “Handgun Guide for Women” (Zenith Press 2015). I love to talk guns with experts and enthusiasts and I love to share my passion with those who are, perhaps, a tad skittish about the whole “gun culture” (the media’s word for it…not mine.) I have evolved from a “fighting young liberal” stance on guns — “they’re all horrible and so is everyone who owns one” — to an enlightened, empowered woman’s stance — “it’s a tool, and, used properly, it’s a damned important tool!” You don’t have to adopt my perspective, but I hope you will be open enough to ask questions and seek truths, versus embracing the media’s often hysterical perspective on…well, everything! (I can say that, by the way, because I spent many years as a card carrying member of the media!)

But, as with most folks, I am not “about” just one thing. My passion for guns relates directly to my passion for freedom, which ties to my commitment to my faith, which relates to my love of family, which leads me directly into my fiercely protective stance on hearth and home.

So, in its purest sense, this blog is about “preserving and protecting.” Preserving traditions, memories, environments, and relationships — and protecting faith, family, friends,  freedom, and, yes, firearms!

In developing a “blog name” I toyed with a number of clever phrases or titles. But nothing covered all the areas into which this blog might delve. I came up with “thyme” because I love its rich, earthy scent and flavor, and because thyme (according to those who track such minutiae) represents “strength, courage, and action.” I decided that those are exactly the kind of women (and men) I gravitate toward: people for whom strength, courage and action are a way of life, and, who, hopefully, blend those qualities with faith, hope, and charity!

Under the Thyme theme, you may find articles about matching the right handgun to your individual needs and personality, preparing an amazing wild game feast, finding a church that matches the stirrings of your spirit, deciding how and when to “carry.” Or you may discover a personality profile that hearkens back to “the good ol’ days,” a photo essay on the beauty of our natural world, a piece that honors our military or supports our thin blue line, or maybe a series about creating an eclectic and fun home environment through junk store and garage sale diving. Occasionally we’ll chat about raising well-adjusted, kind and giving children…even in homes with firearms!

I don’t claim to be an expert on any of these things — but I have lived them all, and I have benefited from watching and absorbing the lessons of those I do consider experts.

In the end, Thyme is simply about standing tall in a world that often searches for the easy way, standing up for values, meaning and freedom at a time when they seem to be anachronistic, and standing firm in embracing (with strength, courage and action) faith, family, freedom and, of course, firearms!


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